Enactus is a community of student, academic and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better, more sustainable world. "Enactus IIT Ropar" is a chapter of Enactus started in January 2012 which has, with its business concepts improved life of many and has a promising future in bringing a strong and effective change.

19 Jan 2013

Enactus Experience: Incredible!!!

Her eyes were filled with tears and were just repeating the words, “I want to learn and I want to work”. Her house was situated in a secluded place away from the core of the city of Roopnagar (Punjab). The living condition of this girl, and many others of her community, was worse than our imagination. They themselves were responsible for their situation to a large extent. Women in her family were not allowed to work or go for higher studies because of some old tradition and profound superstition that girls are just to do household work. But I was there with my team members of Enactus to transform their lives. We were there for a survey intended to know the problems of people who have been kept away from the main stream of the society.
This was not the only incident of poverty and declined state of living which I have encountered. Being a new Enactus member and engaged in a project intended to help the farmers, I have seen the way of living of many communities of Roopnagar. Eagerness to help them with better ideas and make their life better, motivated me to give my best till. Dealing with farmers, advising and making them agree for our projects required a lot of effort and smartness even if it is for their better livelihood. This nature of farmers was justified because in past they have been ditched by many helping communities; by government, NGOs, etc. But with our dedication and trueness, team Enactus was successful in making them a part of our project.
The best thing that enactus provided me is to explore my ideas and implement them to its very helping projects. Working as a team and presenting myself before the different categories of society are the most wonderful experiences for me. I will like to be the part of the enactus team and give my full support in making this team better and better as long as I am the student of iit ropar.

-AVINASH KUMAR  (member-farm fresh)

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