Enactus is a community of student, academic and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better, more sustainable world. "Enactus IIT Ropar" is a chapter of Enactus started in January 2012 which has, with its business concepts improved life of many and has a promising future in bringing a strong and effective change.

19 Jan 2013

The Enactus Saga...!!

ENACTUS stands for ENterpreneurial –ACTion-US which is the incarnation of SIFE whose expanded form is Students In Free Enterprise. Whatever is the name, ENACTUS or SIFE, objective still remains the same (due to which I will use both the terms interchangeably in my description) i.e.
“A Head for Business, A Heart for World”
It is an amazing organization active from last 40 years, widespread in 39 countries and has profound impact on million people’s lives across the world. I consider myself fortunate to be a part of this initiative which provides me with an opportunity to do something for the society and for the people and in course have transformed me up to a surprising extent. 
Back in January 2012, I came across the acronym SIFE first time, as some students from our senior batch were recruiting for newly established SIFE IIT Ropar club. I haven’t paid much attention to the proliferated notices regarding SIFE because at that time I was already engaged in many other activities and wasn’t willing to plunge myself in more such endeavours (though hectic academic schedule in 5th semester of CSE also played a crucial role). But somehow that acronym managed to stick into my mind. I browsed about it as soon as I got some spare time and the amazing work the organization was doing motivated me to be a part of it. I immediately registered myself and fortunately got selected. Afterwards began the SIFE saga which was a nice experience altogether.
SIFE activities consisted of wide range of diverse tasks from accounting to managing teams. Initially I was a member of “Farm Fresh” project, having 5 members in total, but luckily I got opportunities to contribute in many other SIFE projects. In “Farm Fresh” we need to work in close association with immigrant farmers residing in Ropar and have to interact with them almost twice a week. I always wanted to do this kind of stuff like talking to people about their issues and trying to help them but to do this alone is difficult because of plethora of reasons but SIFE provides me with that kind of platform. During my tenure I along with my team made many visits to various regions of Ropar and Chandigarh which remind me of the laughs we share with people as well as about the serious discussions in which we attentively listen and brainstorm about their difficulties in day-to-day life. Apart from meeting new people, which surely enhanced my communication and interpersonal skills, SIFE provides a way to mingle with people on campus. Enormous meetings and discussions regarding SIFE projects and their social, financial and legal aspects were so much informative, productive and enjoyable that I always look forward to these sessions. It helps me to form a network of like minded people for which I really want to thank SIFE IIT Ropar (now ENACTUS IIT Ropar). I have also contributed in many articles, reports and presentations regarding SIFE which had improved my written and presentation skills up to a great extent.
Other than having wonderful memories with amazing people in SIFE which I will cherish forever, the most important thing I learnt is that,
“Giving back to community is always a nice and mushy feeling which makes you proud and there is no substitute at all to this”
Today when I look back I can proudly and honestly admit that to be a part of SIFE is one of my few good decisions which moulded my life for better and have indelible marks on my personality & attitude. I look forward to work more passionately in future to uplift our communities and in turn ourselves. I also want to thank people who made the experience much more jovial and unforgettable.

-MADHU RANI (advisory member)

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